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About Gabriel's

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Gabriel's - Open 7 PM UNTIL, EVERYDAY (except Ash Wednesday) is the late night place to go on weekends (and many, many weekdays). We cater to all types, and particularly the late night Service Industry workers that enjoy having a pub to visit after work.

We also offer:
  • Game Night Tuesdays with Rainey
  • Free Pool Wednesdays with Kaci
  • Karaoke Friday and Saturday nights with Carl and Natasha
  • Special events
  • Private events by reservation (early evenings)
  • The ONLY place to grab a snack late nights Downtown
Gabriel's was established in 1992, making it Alabama's oldest Alternative Night Club. The site was once the infamous "55 Club - The Say When Lounge". As a well visited Gentlemen's Club, it had quite the reputation. There are still artifacts of this period of history installed in the atmosphere of Gabriel's. Ask your bartender about the infamous history and stories of Haunted Happenings!

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Mardi Gras

"Laissez les bons temps rouler!" — It literally means “Let the good times roll!” And that is what we do at Gabriel's, particularly during Mardi Gras season. Mardi Gras starts early in Mobile, AL with parties, formal balls, parades, and wicked merry-making!

We open early on parade nights so that our patrons can get downtown, park, come in for a refreshment, socialize, and meet up with friends before heading down the block for the parade. From Gabriel's you can catch parades on the main route at Conception St. and Conti St. or at Joachim St. and Government St. - how about that for convenience!

Our most popular events during Mardi Gras are Joe Cain Sunday, and Fat Tuesday, both days immediately preceding Ash Wednesday. During that last weekend of Mardi Gras we are practically open 24 hours a day. So, plan to come see us, and enjoy the season.

Check out the Mobile, AL Mardi Gras Page for more information, events and parade schedules:

55 S Joachim ST, Mobile, AL 36602


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